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Civil Litigation & Criminal Defense in Garland

Since 1970, Guy W. Hull II J. D has chosen to operate full-service law, he focuses his practices on civil litigation, criminal defense, and a variety of other legal services. To this end, we provide legal services to our clients in a variety of areas fitted to our clients' problems and needs.

Civil Litigation

Our law firm offers representation to individuals and businesses who are seeking compensation for or defense from others in a variety of areas of civil law, including:
  • Collection
  • Insurance Claims
  • Breach of Contract
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Deceptive Trade Litigation
  • Consumer Protection Law
  • Fraud, Business Dissolution
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Criminal Defense

If you are being investigated for or have been charged with a crime and are seeking legal representation or consultation, we protect individuals' constitutional rights by defending those accused of crimes.

Before you waive any rights, get legal counsel. Our practice includes providing representation for both misdemeanor and felony offenses, including DWI, theft, shoplifting, fraud, burglary, assault, arson, as well as drug and sex related offenses. Regardless of the facts of a case, legal representation is always appropriate. Call us at (972) 271-0266 to schedule an appointment.
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Family Law and Domestic Relations

Family Law cases are some of the most difficult for the clients as well as the attorneys due to the heightened emotions related to the subject matter and the issues which are presented.

Family Violence, drug usage, and injury to children can result in CPS involvement and removal of children. These tougher issues require professional attention.

When a marriage relationship fails, that heightened emotion which usually accompanies the circumstances of the case often prevents the former partners from being effective negotiators.

Without effective legal counsel as a guide, critical mistakes can be made. We have handled thousands of divorce and family cases. In addition to divorce representation, we represent clients in matters involving change of conservatorship and child support.

Juvenile Law

When children have legal problems, they need an attorney who not only knows the law but also understands the needs of the child. We have been representing the needs of children accused of crimes since 1970, and find that the needs for quality legal representation of our youngest citizens are on the increase. Call us if your child is being investigated or has been arrested for a crime.

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Since 1970, we have represented individuals who have suffered serious bodily injuries or death due to the negligence of others. In this pursuit, we have recovered maximum funds to compensate our clients.

We seek compensation for our injured clients whether they were injured due to the negligence of an automobile or truck driver, an injury caused by nuisance or premises liability, or injuries produced by medical or dental negligence or a defective product.

Examples of Cases and Recoveries for our clients

Due to the privacy rights of my clients, no names are disclosed and because the facts of each case differs from the next, recovery amounts will differ, so disclosure of recovery amounts might be misleading and that is not our intention.
1. An Adult Male, while driving south on I-45 on his way to work in Houston, was struck by an oncoming tanker truck headed north bound and died. Our client, the mother of the deceased, was represented by Guy W Hull II. A lawsuit was filed in a Houston District Court against the negligent truck driver and his employer, and after discovery the trucking company settled by paying substantial damages.

2. An Adult male, while driving a tractor and mower on a major road in Texarkana, Texas was rear-ended by a distracted female driver, causing the death of the male tractor driver. Our client, the wife of the deceased, was represented by Guy W. Hull II. A lawsuit was filed in a District Court in Bowie Co., Texas against the negligent driver. The case was settled for policy limits.

3. A family of four, attending church on Sunday morning, while there was a thunderstorm and heavy rain outside, were the victims of a tragedy. The rain failed to shed off the roof. The weight of the water caused the support beam to fail and the roof collapsed. The father and his son suffered physical injuries and a daughter was killed by the falling support beam. The family was represented by Guy W. Hull II. A lawsuit was filed in Dallas Co., Texas against the contractor of the church due to the defects in construction and settlements recovered for all injured family members and the death of the daughter.

4. Two toddlers, sisters, who were in the care of a babysitter, wondered off through an open garage door, down an alley to a neighborhood swimming pool. The little girls fell into the pool and were drown. The parents and grandparents of the little girls were represented by Guy W. Hull II. Three separate lawsuits were filed in Dallas Co. Texas, one against the babysitter for her negligence, one against the pool property owners for improper fencing, and one against the City for failure to enforce the code compliance laws. Policy limits were recovered in two of the cases.
5. Our client, an adult female, was being treated by a local Dentist, who represented himself to be an Oral Surgeon. During a third molar extraction, the Dentist severed the lingual nerve of our client and she lost feeling in her tongue resulting in a speech impediment. A lawsuit was filed in a Dallas Co. District Court and the case was settled during mediation.

6. Our client, an adult female, was being treated by a local podiatrist for bunion removal. During surgery performed in a local hospital, the Doctor operated on the wrong foot which caused injury to our client. A lawsuit was filed in Dallas Co., Texas naming the doctor, surgical nurse, and the hospital. One of the claims was settled after deposition of one of our client's expert witnesses and the remaining claim was settled during mediation.

Probate Law

Handling the simplest to the most complex estate requires attention to detail. The goal is always compliance with the wishes of the deceased, while protecting the rights of the heirs. As a practical reminder, everyone can avoid a costly estate administration by preparing a valid will.
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